RETURN TO EMERALD CITY(Benz) tet 28" M. Sev. LA-OOC—“green” [Lavishly Adorned X (Ultimate Weapon X Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry)] The glistening chartreuse edge on this gorgeous 6" lavender, while not green, is closer to green than anything in commerce. When the nights warm up, RETURN TO THE EMERALD CITY gets much more voluptuous and in steamy hot weather the “green” edge can grow to twice this size; the shot shown here is an average bloom. Very striking .... consistently re-blooms here and fertile both ways. one of the greenest edges I've seen in this garden and I grow all the “green” edges for comparison My daughter Sarah is emphatic that there are “NO GREEN EDGES,” she's right—there are no true green edges so far, but....for those seeking the elusive “green edge,” RETURN TO THE EMERALD CITY should prove an invaluable tool. RETURN TO THE EMERALD CITY has a very long and extended bloom season due to high bud-count and unusually reliable re-bloom. Fragrant and fertile both ways. $200.00