DRUMSdrums cl

INTO THE MISTY MOUNTAINS tet 30" M. Dor. [Alpha Male X (Ruby Lipstick x Tetra Cranberry Eyed Picotee) This beautifully ruffled burgundy-rose with a its deep red band and chartreuse green throat is a personal favorite. Petals are enhanced by a small, but pronounced fringy white filigree edge. An established clump of INTO THE MISTY MOUNTAINS is simply covered with blooms and is a showstopper in the garden. Very heavy substance on this bold ruffled 5 1/2" bloom, and yet always flat and always perfect regardless of cold nights. Foliage is large and arching, and deep blue-green. Strong thick scapes boast 3-4 lateral branches and a terminal cluster, with a total of 30 or more blooms. Top pic is INTO THE MISTY MOUNTAINS at 8 a.m.; cool wet weather: Bottom pic is INTO THE MISTY MOUNTAINS at 5 p.m. full sun 95°. Fragrant and fertile both ways. $100.00