PEACH PASSION FRUIT (Benz) tet 32" M. Dor. (Grand Symphony X Tetra Frances Joiner) This amazing cross produced an extraordinarily high percentage of beautiful full doubles, but this gorgeous 5 1/2" gem was my very favorite from day one. PEACH PASSION FRUIT is the fullest and most frilly of all my doubles, with very “Carnation” form and only PEACH PASSION FRUIT combines the perfection of form with the ethereal soft peach pink color. Blooming on tall strong 3-way branched scapes with 15-20 buds, PEACH PASSION FRUIT is absolutely breathtaking in clump strength. The garden name was “Big Peach PomPom,” but Sarah decided the name was too mundane for this flower and asked me to rename it. Holds all day in 90° sun, and PEACH PASSION FRUIT seems to radiate an inner glow at the end of a hot day. Always full double and always picture perfect. I have never seen a single flowered bloom on this daylily in 5 bloom seasons. Fertile both ways, and producing beautiful double offspring. Very fragrant and reblooms. $150.00