shield maiden

(Benz) tet 34" EM-M. Dor. (Alpha Male X Warrior King] SHIELD MAIDEN is certainly one of my best reds so far. I have introduced reds with more brilliant color, and rounder, more ruffled form, but few that combine so many superlatives in one outstanding cultivar. First blooms can measure close to 6" and blooms on this bright cherry-red flower opens flat to slightly reflexed by dawn and holds until evening in hottest sun. Throat is bright green and holds. Both petals and sepals are nicely ruffled–and the entire plant is, from the arching blue-green foliage to the arrow-straight scapes with 4-way branching and perfectly spaced bud placement. 30 or more of these beautifully ruffled blooms are held up and out, and SHIELD MAIDEN re-blooms here in Ohio. Fragrant and an easy parent both ways. $100.00