LAVENDER MONARCH (Benz) tet 26" M. Dor. (Celestial Splendor X Tetra Ruffled Masterpiece) I don't normally breed for the color lavender; rather this beautiful 6 1/2" beauty came about by chance from my attempts to breed for  heavily ruffled pinks. LAVENDER MONARCH is our favorite so far in this color, and is the largest and most spectacular lavender I grow. Blooms are very large and symmetrical, with beautiful ruffling and great refinement. The lovely shade of lavender is beautifully accented by a soft apple green throat. The plants are large with beautiful arching foliage. This flower is always perfect and always flat despite very heavy waxlike substance. Scapes are strong and straight, but top branched. Fertile both ways. A beauty. Fragrant like a rose, and always perfect. Fertile both ways and reblooms. $150.00