DARKNESS COMES (Benz) tet 30" M. Dor. (Bladerunner X Indominus Rex) Deep, dark, and mysterious, this velvety 5 1/2" maroon with its 14 K gold hooks and knobs stands apart from others in this class by virtue of its heavy plastic-like substance and hard dormant blue-green foliage. This sultry beauty laughs at sun, wind and rain and as nights get warmer, the gold edge grows until DARKNESS COMES is riddled with writhing gold frills and teeth, looking like some fearsome denizen of a bygone era. Blooms shown here are very average. After emerging from a cold northern winter, DARKNESS COMES quickly grows into a beautiful clump replete with excellent well branched shapes and about 22 buds. Fertile both ways and consistently reblooms. $150.00