ring of power sm


RING OF POWER (Kaskel) set. 30" Ev. (Summer Ambrosia X sdlg) This is the eagerly awaited sdlg #0121 and I finally have enough to release. Another masterpiece from the renowned hybridizer Matthew Kaskel, and this gaudy 6" beauty is the most spectacular eyed and edged daylily I've encountered. Truly awesome, this perfectly circular pastel with its huge cinnamon red band is elaborately adorned with rippling pleats, folds, bubbles and knobs in matching red. Spectacular and awesome are the exclamations I most often hear when folks spy this eye catcher supreme. Plants are big and scapes are tall and strong; but only moderately well branched with about 18 buds. Branching and bud count could be considerably higher in the South as this as RING OF POWER is fully evergreen. Spectacular in the garden, and destined to be legendary as a parent, already giving me numerous future introductions like the sdlg pictured on bottom. Easily fertile both ways. $300.00 COLLECTION ONLY