POWER BALL (Benz) tet 30" M. Dor. (Shield Of Valor X Tet Ruffled Perfection)    A majestic 6" flower, with perfectly round form, and remarkable symmetry and consistency. Petals on the first blooms can measure a full 4 inches across! Ahhh….the power of an induced parent!             
This big, reflexed, lemon-yellow shimmers across the yard like a neon yellow beacon. True canary yellows like this are now an endangered species, as the more frilly southern blends are currently all the rage. This one is heavily ruffled, but not as lacy as the latest southern polychromes. Nevertheless, this 6 ", side-facing intense lemon-yellow makes a dramatic statement in the garden, unmatched by any polychrome yellow blend! Substance on this is like heavy gauge plastic. Makes large, blue-green dormant plants, very tough, but slow to increase, and requires too much cold to be grown in the deep south. Scapes are straight and strong, with 18-20 buds at the top. Very fertile pollen; pods take persistence. Very fragrant and an absolute must for anyone breeding in this color. An attention-getter supreme. $150.00