tales of asgard

VALKYRIE WARRIOR (Benz) tet 30" M. Dor. (Nancy Thomas X Tet. Connie Burton) This dazzling beauty is our fanciest pink thus far. It is the largest and most ruffled of all the beautiful pinks I've seen from CONNIE BURTON, but in substance and color this flower supersedes both parents. Plants are large and blue-green dormant, much like parent NANCY THOMAS, and in this cultivar, I have captured all the beauty and panache of the parents, with none of the flaws. This 6" brilliant rose-pink with its vivid green throat is simply engulfed in huge undulating flutes, ruffles and lace. In fact, as the nights warm up, the lacy gold edge grows far larger and entire blooms sparkle with a 14k gold glitter. In an established clump, VALKYRIE WARRIOR makes large, beautiful plants with arching blue-green foliage; scapes are straight, strong, and well-branched, with 3 laterals, and about 28 buds. Add fragrance and rebloom and you have it-a total package. Always perfect, regardless of weather and 100° heat only serves to intensify the pink and gold color combination. Truly an exotic bloom for both the collector and the hybridizer. VALKYRIE WARRIOR exhibits just one fault; it waterspots in periods of heavy rain. Fertile both ways, but pods are difficult. Very fragrant and consistently reblooms here.   $250.00 SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR COLLECTION.