Shirley's Reds dragon

SHIRLEY’S RED DRAGON (Shirley Farmer) tet. 28" M. Dor. (Red sdlg X Shabby Chic) This stunning 5 1/2" crimson red with its high impact white dragon's teeth is in a word—STUNNING! SHIRLEY’S RED DRAGON is engulfed with snow-white fangs and teeth jutting in all directions and is further enhanced by a bright green throat. Open at dawn; heavy and sunfast, and blooming atop straight, strong scapes with 4-way “show” branching and about 25 buds—this red, white and green dragon has no equals. INSTANT REBLOOM! Fertile both ways and I'm hybridizing heavily with this gorgeous daylily. SHIRLEY’S RED DRAGON is SHIRLEY FARMER’s crowning achievement $300.00 COLLECTION ONLY
Shirley below
Shirley and Tom Farmer above.