DRAGON WARS (Benz) tet 30" M. Dor. [(White Fang x Ruby Corona) X Horns] Screaming for attention, this 7" fiery red dragon is engulfed in huge white to chartreuse horns and spikes and is one of the most flamboyant and spectacular spiked reds in commerce. DRAGON WARS is a full sib to FLAMING PHOENIX and FULL IMPACT, and is the latest in a new race of highly advanced spiked reds from HORNS breeding. These fringy horns and spikes have gotten so long and protruding that I can no longer refer to them as teeth; they belong in a category all their own. DRAGON WARS is larger than its sibs and is much closer to true red with a white edge.Tall and beautifully branched, with 3 laterals, a terminal cluster and over 22 buds, DRAGON WARS is truly awesome in clump. Add in strong re-bloom and you have a long and protracted season of bloom. Fertile both ways, and selected in the seedling bed 5 years ago by Larry Grace as his absolute favorite. $250.00 COLLECTION ONLY