A Leos Pride

LEO’S PRIDE (Benz) tet 30" M. Dor. (Flaming Phoenix X Indominus Rex) Big and spectacular, LEO’S PRIDE elevates the polychrome to a whole new level. First blooms on this toothy titan can measure a full 8 inches, but LEO blooms closer to 7 inches in clump strength. Very heavy and sunfast, this shining gold appears made of heavy wax and hot sun brings out a glowing peach pink glow until LEO shimmers like a rainbow. This stunner is thoroughly encrusted with long twisting fringe, hooks and lace. Few pastels can match LEO’S PRIDE for sheer impact. Plants are big and healthy with blue-green DORMANT foliage; and strong scapes, nicely branched with about 25 buds. A spectacular flower, and easily fertile both ways. A rare chance to obtain advanced generation teeth genetics from a cross of 2 of my best HORNS kids. $250.00 COLLECTION ONLY