0208 aaa

MATTHEW’S SHIMMERING GEM (Kaskel/Benz) tet 38" M. Ev. (Sdlg X Sdlg) This masterpiece of plant breeding came from the program of gifted hybridizer Matthew Kaskel, who sent me a bud to use several years ago proclaiming this to be the successor to his “Best Edge.” Matthew told me, “John, I just sent you a bud from my VERY BEST gold edge pink.” Matthew went on, “#0208 is much better than ‘Best Edge,’ being twice as tall, twice as big, has twice as many buds, and a similar huge edge. Just don’t share with ANYONE—even the pollen, because 0208 is a “RUST FREE” daylily. I call #0208 my “GEM!”

From top to bottom, MATTHEW’S GEM is a study in symmetry with near perfect balance of plant, scape and bloom. I admired MATTHEW’S GEM for several years, but in 2013 both Jamie Gossard and Mike Holmes declared that it was superior to its renowned offspring PETE’S BEST EDGE, and last summer daylily connoisseur Paul Genho agreed. 7" blooms are perfect day in and day out, and the gold edge can be nearly an inch in diameter. Foliage is evergreen, but tough as nails, with beautiful arching leaves, and arrow-straight scapes that bear 3-4 lateral branches at 45° angles up and down the scapes, up and out in a sidefacing manner. This perfectly spaced branching allows flowers to open at graduated heights and when 3 or 4 of these ornate blooms are open at once, this daylily can win “best-in-show” anywhere. If you are one of those seeking the elusive “green edge,” MATTHEW’S GEM is a valuable tool imparting some of the very greenest edges we've seen. From just a few seeds from 0208 pollen crossed on to my ULTIMATE WEAPON, I bloomed AMETHYST STARDUST and from one pod from the pollen of “BEST EDGE,” I got PINK MARGARITA —both of which have chartreuse green infusion and chartreuse green braided edges. MATTHEW’S GEM has a long and protracted bloom season due to high bud-count and unusually reliable re-bloom. Fragrant and an easy parent both ways, in fact the pollen is among the most potent I have encountered. MATTHEW’S GEM is truly a gem in all aspects of flower and plant. $200.00